Why is my bet not settled?

Events will be settled once the full result of that market is known. Sometimes a result may be delayed, for instance in the case of a photo finish in regards to a horse race.

Bets will show as pending in your bet history until they have been settled.

Please note that on a Saturday afternoon between 4.45-5.30pm, balances may take longer to update because of the sheer number of events finishing at the same time. This is simply due to volume of bets in the queue to be settled by our system, your bets will all be settled in due course and we advise you to check back at a later time as opposing to contacting us.

If you find that a bet you have placed has not been settled, please ensure that the event your bet has been placed on has finished. Bets that have been placed in-play and the result known will not always be settled immediately.

With a wide variety of betting opportunities available to our customers, it is important that all bets are settled correctly, therefore it may take slightly longer than expected to receive any returns that you are due.

If you have checked your bet and it remains unsettled for more than 2 hours after the result is known, please contact us and we can investigate this for you. Please allow longer times for overnight events as these may take longer to verify and settle.