What happens to my bet if an event is postponed or abandoned?

General Rules

For all bets except ante-post, if a selection is made void or does not run:

  • Single bets - your stake is refunded;
  • Multiple bets - your bet continues on the remaining selections with a double becoming a single, a treble becoming a double etc;
  • An abandoned or postponed event/match will be deemed void regardless of being rescheduled, unless specifically stated in the rules;
  • If a market has already been settled when the event is abandoned, then the bet will stand. For example: a first goal scorer bet that has already scored before the match was abandoned;

Any bet accepted in error that is contrary to the provisions as stated above will be void, even if you have been provided with a valid Bet Identification Number (BIN) online, or the operator has verbally confirmed acceptance for a bet placed via the telephone.

Horse Racing

If a race is postponed, but is run later that same day, then all bets will stand for the re-arranged time.

Ante-post Horse Racing



Bets will stand if the race is run on a later date at the same venue.


If a bet is placed after the final declarations, but the race is postponed until another day, all bets will be void.

Unless advertised differently, ante-post bets will be declared void in the following circumstances:

  • The race is abandoned and does not take place at a later date on the same track;
  • The race is declared void;
  • The race is moved to a different track;
  • The selection is balloted out;
  • The selection was ineligible for the race at the time the bet was struck. For example, if after all entry stages have been closed, a bet has been placed on a runner who is not in the list of entries then the bet will be considered void;
  • It is not possible for the selection to win at the time the bet was struck, for example the horse is dead;
  • The ante-post bet is offered ‘with a run’, which is a specific ante-post bet where stakes are not lost on the non-running horse.


If a match is postponed or cancelled before kick-off, all bets will be void.

If a match is abandoned before the end of the second half, all bets are void, unless the market has already been determined (e.g., a bet for a team to win the first half has already been paid out, then the match is abandoned during the 2nd half).This is true even if the governing body declares an official result (i.e., FIFA award a 2-0 victory to one of the teams, despite it being called off in the second half).

If there are any changes to the teams or venue of a match, all bets are void (e.g., if the team that was playing at home is now playing away, or the venue moves somewhere neutral).

Greyhound Racing

The rules for Horse Racing are also applicable to Greyhound Racing. See above for details.

Multiple Bets

If you have one or more void/ non-runner selections in a multiple bet, the bet will continue based on the remaining selections.