Partial Cash Out

What is Partial Cash Out?

Partial Cash Out lets you collect some of your winnings, while leaving a bit of your stake on - so you can lock-in a profit, whatever the outcome.

You can partially Cash Out for any amount you wish (with a minimum of 10%) by gliding the slider located at the lower part of the bet slip. So, if you have a bet with a Cash Out value of £100, you can Cash Out for £10 and let the remaining £90 continue to run on the selections in your bet.

You can choose to cash out further portions of your bet at any time of your choosing or keep the remaining bet stake running. Remember that in this case you will receive your returns and the £90 stake bet on the non-cashed out portion, as any cashed-out stake is included in the cash out returns.

When a ‘Partial Cash Out’ button is present in the bet slip, your bet is available for cash out. However, if your bet is not available for cash out, you will see a ‘Suspended’ button.

How do I partially Cash Out a bet?

IMPORTANT: Cash Out is a live facility. Your bet has not been Cashed Out until a successful Cash Out message is returned.

Click on the ‘Cash Out’ icon located in the right corner of your bet slip. If you are using our desktop site, you will find the eligible bets that can be cashed out on your betslip homepage. You will then be presented with a list of your bets that are available to be fully or partially cashed out.

Should you wish to partially Cash Out your bet, you will need to click on the ‘Partial Cash Out’ button located on the right corner of your bet slip. Just use the slider to choose how much of your winnings you want to Cash Out (between 10% and 90%), the rest will stay on your original selection. We'll do all the calculations for you, meaning your Cash Out Betslip will show you exactly how much you stand to collect.

Why can't I partially Cash Out My Bet?

Cash Out will not be offered in the following circumstances:

  • You haven't accepted the ‘Cash Out My Bet Agreement’. This is required before you can Cash Out a bet for the first time;
  • The remaining stake of your bet is less than 10p;
  • The Cash Out amount offered is less than 10p;
  • The bet is either funded or part funded using a Free Bet;
  • One or more of the selections have been placed on a market that is not eligible for Cash Out;
  • One or more of the selections qualifies or contributes to any other offer including enhanced price specials or other specials;
  • The selection(s) on your bet are suspended. This could be down to a variety of reasons, such as a player being sent off or a goal is scored;
  • The event is nearly finished. Cash Out is suspended approximately 5 minutes before the end of an event;
  • Your bet has been placed with a free bet. Bets placed with a free bet can only be fully cashed out;
  • The Cash Out value would be £0;
  • The number of selections in the accumulator is more than 14.

How many times can I partially Cash Out one of my bets?

Any qualifying bet can be cashed out as many times as you like if the stake per line or full Cash Out amount is not lower than the minimum stake of 10p.

For example, if you place a £1 bet and partially Cash Out 9 times (90%), the remaining stake for the bet will be 10p. At this point, full Cash Out or Partial Cash Out will no longer be available for this bet.

The same will apply if your bet is going very badly and the Cash Out value for your bet plummets below 10p. At this price, the bet will no longer be available for full or Partial Cash Out.

How can I view my bets that have been partially cashed out?

If you are using a mobile device, you can view your partially cashed out bets by going to Menu > Bets. Alternatively, if you are using a desktop computer or laptop, you will need to click on My Account > Bet History.

Within this menu, you will see a ‘Cash Out History’ button which will expand and show you all of the Partial Cash Out occurrences for that particular bet.

Here, you can see the remaining stake for your bet, how much has been cashed out so far and how much of your stake has been withdrawn.

Please ensure that the relevant filters have been selected so that the correct information is visible.

I have partially cashed out on a bet and now the bet is void. What happens to my bet?

There could be occasions where you may partially Cash Out a bet which then goes on to void, for example a football game being called off for bad weather. Following a situation like this, your bet will be settled with a reduction of the already cashed out amount considered.

For example, if you place a £10 bet on Manchester United to beat Tottenham. During the game you have partially cashed out for £5. This means that you still have £5 on Manchester United to beat Tottenham. If the match is abandoned for any reason, you will receive your remaining stake back (£5) and not the full stake amount of £10 as you have already received £5 in an earlier cash out.