Changing Your Chat Name

You can change your chat name by selecting ‘Edit Chat Name’ from the side menu, accessed at the top left of the Bingo room. top of the side menu and within the chat panel within bingo room. Once this is clicked a small window will appear (Edit Bingo Chat Name). To change your chat name, click in the text box and update your chat name, click “Confirm” to save the change.

The chat name must be between 3-15 character in length.

Special characters are not allowed.

You may only set a maximum of 2 chat names every month.

Make sure your chat name doesn’t contain sensitive information

Everyone has to have a unique chat name so if the new name you choose is already in use you will be asked to choose another.

You may not include the word “CM”/"CH". Chat Hosts (CH) can be identified by having their chat name prefixed with “CM“/ "CH", for example “CM Caroline”/ "CH Caroline". We need to ensure other players cannot be mistaken for chat moderators/ chat hosts.

Changes to your settings will take immediate effect and will be saved for the next time you login to bingo.