Cancellations & Technical Issues

What happens if a game is cancelled?

If a game is cancelled, all tickets pre-purchased or otherwise are void. The cost of the tickets will be refunded to your account balance within 24 hours. If the tickets were promotional (i.e. free tickets), the promotional value will also be returned to your account and available to use again.

What happens if I experience network problems?

If you can’t access a game where you have already purchased tickets, those tickets will remain valid and will still play, even if you aren’t logged in. If your ticket wins, you’ll be credited with the due prize and your balance will be updated accordingly. If you’re disconnected in the middle of a game in which you have tickets playing and are able to return before the game finishes, you’ll be able to continue playing as normal.

Measures are in place to ensure that all games in bingo will play regardless of any technical issue. However, in the event a malfunction should occur, the wager is a “no bet”.

What can I do if my game stops working?

While we do our best to make sure our games all run smoothly, we understand that errors can occasionally occur. If you have a problem with a game, try out these simple fixes:

  • Log out of your account, and then log back in.
  • Try to play the game on another device (i.e. laptop, home computer, mobile device).
  • Try another browser, or try opening an incognito window in your browser.
  • If you're using a mobile device, try playing the game on our mobile app, or a mobile browser (whichever platform you don't normally use).
  • Clear your cache and cookies. Steps for this will vary depending on your browser - if you're unsure, have a search online and instructions can easily be found!

If none of the solutions above have managed to resolve the problem, please don't hesitate to get in touch with customer services who'll be more than happy to help! If the issue is with a specific game, it's best to provide the game ID which can be found on the left-hand side of the screen when you're inside the bingo room, or in the Winners tab after clicking on "See Winners".