Do I have to Cash Out during a match?

No. You can Cash Out at any time after you've placed the bet. This goes for Pre-Match or In-Play Single and Multiple bets. Just click on the Cash Out or Partial Cash Out button, then confirm that you agree the Cash Out agreement (another click). Then BOOM! Your winnings are in your account.

Once your Cash Out is confirmed, your bet is considered settled. Whatever happens during the rest of the match will not change your pay out. So for example, let's say in a match between Barcelona and Real Madrid…

  • After 60 minutes, Barcelona are 1-0 down. Barcelona are quoted 10/1 to win…
  • After 70 minutes, Barcelona go 2-1 UP! And now quoted 1/4 to win…
  • After 80 minutes, Real equalise and the match ends 2-2 draw.  

If you'd stuck £10 on Barcelona (at 10/1) In-Play after 60 minutes, you could've Cashed Out in the 71st minute (at 1/4) for £74.85).
Your stake is always included in the Cash Out figure, this will not be returned separately.

Wealth Warning:

You should never place a bet with the sole intention to Cash Out, because we cannot guarantee the feature will always be on offer. All bets will stand whether Cash Out is available or not.