Access to your account

Online betting and gaming is subject to many and various restrictions around the world and the regulatory position is continually changing. We strive to ensure that all regulations are complied with and carefully monitor the locations being used to access our services in order to protect both our customer's accounts and our License to operate.

These safeguards are particularly relevant to our customers who travel away from home on business or holiday and still want to enjoy our services, who may find this is not allowed due to these local regulations.

But it can also affect customers who access our services through a company or service provider network which has a main registered address in a different country, and so it appears to us that customers are located in a different location from that where they have been Verified and so fall foul of these blocks. In these cases we recommend that a local network or personal mobile connection is used, which should prove if such network blocking is being made or if there is some other reason for your account being suspended (if verification has not been fully completed, for example).

If neither of these cases apply to you, please do contact us directly to discuss your account and we can check the exact circumstances.