Build Your Bet/Your Call

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With #YourCall, you call the shots.

Can't find the bet you want? Now you can build it yourself! Choose your game, pick your player and combine the stats you want... and Coral will give you a price instantly.

Prefer to request your bet instead? No problem. Tweet it with #YourCall @Coral to get your price.

You can even browse and bet on the #YourCall bets requested by other Coral customers!

#YourCall is available on all Premier League, Championship, Champions League, La Liga and Serie A matches on the following markets:

  • Match Result
  • Both Teams To Score
  • Total Match Goals
  • Total Match Corners
  • Total Match Booking Points

We also cover markets on named players including a player to be carded, any time goal scorer, shots, passes, tackles and assists.

#YourCall is also available on NBA basketball markets including Money Line, Total Points, assists, rebounds, 3-point goals, blocked shots and steals.

Build your own bet #YourCall.

On mobile, you can now build your own bet from the available markets! The 'Build Your Bet' tab, allows you to build your own #YourCall bet, and get an immediate price.

Simply step through the options available for the match, adding your desired stats to build the bet. If your bet is invalid, you'll be notified via a Yellow Warning Bar above the 'Build your Bet' bar.

Once your bet is built, you can add it to your bet slip and place it as you would any other bet!

#YourCall allows you to request a price on any market by tweeting @Coral with #YourCall. If a #YourCall market doesn't already exist, we'll do our best to create one for you. We'll try to price up as many requests as possible, but there's no guarantee every one will be priced. Prices are subject to fluctuation.

#YourCall bets are settled on the outcome of the 90 minutes (including injury time). Extra time and penalties don't count.

Build Your Bet allows you to build your own bet on a number of football markets and get your price instantly. #YourCall/Build Your Bet bets cannot be combined with any other bets. The Max Pay-out that can be won on a #YourCall and Build A Bet bet is £25,000.

Coral's online sports betting rules apply except for the following conditions:


  • All our usual rules apply unless stated otherwise on the market.
  • Occasionally, we may offer special markets which aren't covered in the sports rules. These rules will be specified on the website and will be visible at time of bet placement.
  • For any obvious pricing errors, we reserve the right to cancel any bets placed at that wrong price, for which we will offer the bet to be placed again at the correct price.
  • For any obvious wording errors, we reserve the right to cancel any bets placed on that selection, for which we will offer the bet to be placed again with the correct wording.
  • If any bet is combined with more than one sport (e.g football & snooker), the entire bet will be made void if any of the selections within the bet /does not take part.

Football Statistical Betting/Other Sports

What happens if one of my players doesn't participate?

If one or more of the players in any bet doesn't participate, the bet will be voided and your stake will be returned.

What happens if one of my players doesn't start the game?

If one or more of the players in any bet doesn't start, the bet will be voided.

What happens if the game is cancelled or is postponed and doesn't resume on the same day?

The bet will be voided and your stake returned.

Is extra time included?

No. Bets are settled on the outcome of the 90 minutes (including injury time). Extra time and penalties don't count.

For over/under bets, what happens when a player's final score equals their set line?

The bet is marked as "push" and the wager will be refunded to the user.

Where does the data come from and what decides settlement rules?

All of our Football statistics come from SportRadar and Opta Sports, which will be used as the primary source of data for settlement of #YourCall and Build Your Bet markets.

When will the result of a bet be confirmed?

Within 30 minutes from the conclusion of each match.

What happens if a bet leg within a Build Your Bet accumulator is voided?

If any one of the bet legs within a pre-packaged accumulator is voided, the entire bet is voided irrespective of whether the other legs won or lost.

#YourCall/Build Your Bet Market Definitions

Definitions of individual stats are as below (data provided by Opta Sports):

Goal/Own Goal: Opta confirm official goalscorers, after consultation with governing bodies. In case of deflections, if the original shot was on target it's credited to the attacker, if the shot was off target it's credited as an own goal.

Shot on target: Any attempt that goes into the goal or is a clear attempt to score but is saved by the goalkeeper or a "last-man" defender. Shots which hit the woodwork don't count, unless the ball goes in. Blocked shots by players that aren't the last-man aren't counted.

Shot off target: Any attempt which goes over or wide of the goal without making contact with another player or would have if a goalkeeper or defender had stopped it. Shots that hit the woodwork and don't go in the goal are classed as off target, blocked shots don't count.

Blocked Shot: Any attempt that is blocked by a goalkeeper, outfield player or unintentionally be a teammate. Goalline clearances don't count as blocked shots.

Location for Goals/Shots: The position of the ball when a shot is originally taken - can be inside or outside either the 6-yard or 18-yard box. Any shot on the line will be considered as inside that area.

Goal Assist: The final touch leading to the recipient of the ball scoring a goal. If the final touch is deflected, a goal assist is given if the receiving player was likely to receive the ball without the deflection. Own goal, direct free-kicks, corner goals and penalties don't count.

Pass: Any intentional played ball from one player to another including open play passes, goal kicks, corners and free kicks played as pass – but exclude keeper throws and throw-ins. Crosses are considered passes when calculating the total passes.

Cross: Any intentional played ball from a wide position intending to reach a team mate in a specific area in front of the goal.

Hit Woodwork: Any situation where the ball hits the frame of the goal but doesn't result in a goal. A shot that hits the woodwork multiple times, only counts as one. Only available for the attacking team.

Tackle: A tackle is defined as where a player connects with the ball in a ground challenge where he successfully takes the ball away from the player in possession. Cutting out a pass doesn't count as a tackle.

Offside: Awarded to the player deemed to be in an offside position where a free kick is awarded. If two or more players are in an offside position when the pass is played, the player considered to be most active and trying to play the ball is given offside.

Corner (won, lost and taken): A corner won is collected for the team being awarded a corner, and corner lost for the team conceded a corner for the opposition team. A corner taken is added when the player taking the corner has carried out the action.

Goal Kick/Throw-In: This is awarded to the team/player taking a goal kick/throw-in.

Cards: Cards are collected as yellow, 2nd yellow or red card.

Bookings/Booking Points: Bets are settled based on the following:

Yellow card = 1 booking / 10 points

Red card = 2 bookings/ 25 points

Maximum bookings per player = 3 (e.g. 2 yellow cards resulting in a red card) / 35 points

Booking points valid in 90 minutes only.

Both teams to score: A prediction on both teams to score a goal in the match. Own goals don't count.

Other Football

All bets are for 90 minutes unless otherwise stated. Extra time and penalties will not count - except when phrases 'To Qualify' & 'Lift The Trophy' are quoted.

Own goals do not count towards any player's goal tallies (unless otherwise stated).

Any bets involving players to be carded; only cards awarded once the player is active in the match will count in 90 minutes. Any cards shown after the final whistle do not count.

All our usual football rules apply unless stated otherwise on the market.