Palpable Errors

While every effort is made to ensure there are no errors or omissions in respect of the Service, the nature of human error or system problems means such circumstances may arise. A non-exhaustive list of “obvious errors” is outlined below:

  • Odds or terms of a bet or game wager have been misquoted as a result of human error (for example, information being inputted incorrectly or markets being set up incorrectly) or due to computer malfunction;
  • A bet is accepted at a price or market condition which is significantly different from those available in the market at the time the bet was placed;
  • In the context of normal betting business, and the probability of the event occurring, A bet is accepted at a price which is obviously incorrect;
  • Bets have continued to be accepted on a market which should have been suspended, or the market has already closed, which are sometimes referred to as "late bets";
  • The amount of winnings, returns or promotional benefits/bonuses paid to You are miscalculated as result of human error or computer malfunction;
  • Where winnings are so obviously incorrect or materially different to those available in the market that this is a clear error or omission e.g. the price is recorded as 100-1 when the price on offer in the general market is 10-1 or the margins for handicap betting have been reversed. 
  • An error has resulted from a Prohibited Act;
  • In accordance with product rules, a bet should not have been accepted, or where we have the right to cancel or re-settle.

If such circumstances arise, we reserve the right to either:

  • Correct the error on the bet placed and resettle the bet at the correct price or terms which were (or should have been) available with us when the bet was placed; or
  • Declare the bet void and return the bet stake to Your account where bet resettlement and correction is not reasonably practicable.

If funds are incorrectly credited to Your account as a result of an error or omission (or otherwise any sum is incorrectly credited to Your account):

  •  You are obliged to notify us;
  •  We reserve the right to deduct or reverse (“Reverse”) any incorrectly applied funds from Your account;

If You use incorrectly credited funds to place bets, we reserve the right to void all such related bets and Reverse any winnings.
If incorrect stakes are deducted from Your account: 

  •  You are obliged to notify us;
  •  We reserve the right to void all such bets and Reverse any winnings.
  •  If bets are placed using winnings related to bet(s) on which incorrect stakes were deducted, we reserve the right to void such bets placed and Reverse any winnings.

In respect of Reversals, if no such funds are available in Your account to fulfil a Reversal (for example, where the funds have been withdrawn by You), we reserve the right to recover such funds from You (with interest) on demand. If necessary, we are permitted to off-set any subsequent amounts You deposit or win with us to make good this liability.
Errors relating to Prohibited Acts will be handled in accordance with section 7 of the Terms.
We shall not be liable for any loss of winnings (or other loss) following errors or omissions by us or by You.