Ante Post Betting

Ante-Post simply refers to betting on future events. Often, you can secure a bigger price than what you would closer to the event, however the risk is that if your selection is a non-runner, it’s settled as a loser.

When can Ante-Post bets be declared void?

Ante-Post bets are declared void if a race is abandoned and doesn’t take place at a later date at the same venue.

What happens if a race or meeting is postponed?

If your selected race or meeting is postponed, your bet stands if it’s run at a later date at the same venue.

What happens if a race or meeting is postponed after the Final Declaration Stage?

If a bet is placed after the final declarations, and the race is then postponed all bets are void.

Each Way Ante-Post betting

Each Way Ante-Posts are settled according to the advertised terms when the bet was placed. They can be included in most bet types, including speciality bets, although any built-in bonuses or consolations specific to certain speciality bets do not apply (eg. double the odds one winner on a Lucky 15/31/63 bet).

  • The race is declared void.
  • The race is moved to a different venue.
  • The selection is balloted out - horses can be declared for a race but the maximum field size has been exceeded, it then refers to a ballot to which horse drops out.
  • The selection was ineligible for the race at the time of the bet.
  • It’s not possible for the selection to win when the bet is struck.
  • The Ante Pot bet is offered “with a run”, a specific Ante-Post bet where stakes are not lost on the non-running horse.