Ante Post Betting

Ante post betting refers to betting on events in the future. For these, you may be able to take a bigger price than you would closer to the event. However, the risk with Ante Post betting is that if your selection is a non-runner, your bet is settled as a loser and you do not receive your stake back.

Please see the below section on Ante Post rules taken from our Online Sports Rules:

Prices are offered on the following sports / events except where stated in the individual sport's rules below:

  • horse racing prior to the final declaration stage;
  • greyhound events up to and including the semi-final stage. However if any bets are placed after the semi-finals (for example the greyhound derby) or on a single race event, where a price has been taken, then if there is a subsequent non-runner all bets will be settled at SP and bets on the withdrawn greyhound will be void;
  • sports events prior to the start of an event, with the exception of bets on a match, a single race event or an individual heat/stage;
  • all special (non-sporting) events.

Ante-post bets are accepted on the understanding that stakes will be lost if your selection does not participate. No Tattersalls' Rule 4 deductions are made from winning bets.

Bets placed after the start of a sports event will not be deemed as Ante-Post, unless a specific reference is made in the rules for a particular sport.

  • stakes are lost on competitors/teams who start an event and then withdraw.
  • stakes will be refunded on competitors/teams who take no further part after the bet is placed, unless they have been eliminated by competition rules in total tournament/series markets, for example top series wicket taker, winner of the golden boot, etc. individuals named in the team squad will be considered to have participated whether or not they have taken part in any competitive action.

The maximum winnings' limits for ante-post bets are determined by the categories listed in Section 2 Maximum Payouts. The following payment terms apply to ante-post bets:

  • ante-post each way doubles, trebles etc. are settled win to win, place to place;
  • ante-post bets are settled at the price and place terms applicable at the time of acceptance;
  • place only bets and forecast bets are not accepted at ante-post odds. If taken in error, place only bets will be void. Forecast bets will be settled on the computer straight forecast;
  • where the same selection is backed to win two or more ante-post events in an accumulative bet a special combined price will apply irrespective of any individual prices quoted. Where no special combined price is available, for example a horse to win a Derby trial and the Derby, settlement will be based on the first available odds after each leg has been completed;
  • Lucky 15/31/63 and other "special bets" are not available at ante-post odds. Any taken in error will be settled without the bonuses or consolations.

If a race is postponed but then takes place at the same track at a later date then all ante-post bets will stand. However, unless advertised differently ante-post bets will be declared void in the following circumstances:

  • the race is abandoned and does not take place at a later date at the same track;
  • the race is declared void;
  • the race is moved to a different track;
  • the selection is balloted out;
  • the selection was ineligible for the race at the time the bet was struck. For example, if after all entry stages have been closed, a bet has been struck on a runner who is not in the list of entries then the bet will be considered void;
  • it is not possible for the selection to win at the time the bet was struck, for example the horse is dead;
  • the ante-post bet is offered "with a run" which is a specific ante-post bet where stakes are not lost on the non-running horse.

If there is at least one void selection in an accumulative or combination ante-post bet then the bet will stand and be settled at the ante-post price/s on the remaining selections. The void selection/s will remain void.

Ante-post bets are accepted only at the price quoted at the time the bet was placed. Bets will not be accepted at accumulative odds on the same horse to win two or more races. However on request special odds may be offered for a horse to win two or more races but if the selection does not run in at least one of the races, the bet will be regarded as a loser.