Watch your Traps

Watch Your Traps’ is a special greyhound bet offered by Coral where you predict the trap that will gain the most points at a selected meeting. To do this, the greyhounds score points using the following points system:

  • 1st place: 3 points
  • 2nd place: 2 points
  • 3rd place: 1 point

Using a simple 4-race card example, say the first three races were won by trap 1 with trap 2 in 2nd while the 4th race was won by trap 2 with trap 1 in 2nd. In this case, the points are worked out as such:

  • Trap 1: 3+3+3+2 = 11 points
  • Trap 2: 2+2+2+3 = 9 points

So in this example trap 1 would be the winner of the ‘Watch Your Traps’ market.


The points system applies regardless of the number of runners in a race.

Bets are unaffected by reserves, vacant traps or void races once they have started.

This bet continues in-play with revised odds after each race. If no race(s) take place after a bet is struck the bet is void.

In the event of the meeting not starting, all bets for that meeting are void.

If a race finishes as a dead heat, points will be divided. If there is a dead heat for 1st, each trap will receive 2.5 points (3 points for 1st + 2 points for second, divided by 2), with 3rd receiving 1. In the case of a dead heat for 2nd, the trap finishing 1st will be unaffected on 3 points, whilst the traps dead heating for 2nd will receive 1.5 points each. And so on, with traps dead heating for 3rd receiving 0.5 points each.

If two or more traps record the same number of total points across the whole meeting, dead heat rules will apply with the returns/stakes divided. So, for example if trap 1 and trap 2 both ended up with 9 points in the previous example and you had a £10 bet on trap 1, then your bet would be settled as £5 on trap 1.

At least one race must be run after a bet is struck for it to stand. Therefore, if you place a bet with one race left to run and that race then does not run, then your bet will be void.