If you place a bet on a horse or greyhound which does not run, the following occurs:

For all day-of race bets and any bets stipulated as being ‘Non-Runner Money Back’, your bet is void and your stake will be refunded.

For ante-post bets, non-runners are settled as losers.

In single bets, your stake will be returned to you. For multiple bets, the bet will continue with the remaining selections.

If a horse is withdrawn before coming under Starters Orders, and after a course market has been formed, then a rule 4 deduction may apply.

For decimal win only and place only markets a Rule 4 deduction will not apply. Instead, a Non-Runner Adjustment (NRA) will be made.

Forecast bets with a non-runner

If a horse becomes a non-runner, forecast bets involving that horse will be settled as a ‘win single’ on the other runner.

In a combination forecast, where a horse or greyhound becomes a non-runner, the total stake of the bet will be divided equally between the possible forecast combinations. This uses the remaining selections and forecasts, including the non-runner, and turns them into singles.

For example, £1 CFC on horses A, B and C, where C becomes a non-runner. The bet then reverts to a £1 RFC on horses A and B plus a £2 win on each of horses A and B.

Tricast bets with a non-runner

If one of the horses selected in a tricast becomes a non-runner then the bet becomes a forecast on the remaining two selections.

If two of the selected horses become non-runners then the bet will be settled as a single on the remaining selection.

Non-runners in Tote bets

If your selection is a non-runner in a Tote single bet it will become void and refunded.

If you have a non-runner in a Jackpot, Scoop 6, Placepot or Quadpot bet then the selection will go onto the unnamed favourite. If 2 or more horses are joint favourites, then the selection will be the one with the lowest racecard number.

Non-runners in an exacta or trifecta will be void.

Match Bets

Any match bets involving a non-runner will be deemed void.

Enhanced Multiples

If we offer an enhanced multiple price and one of the selections becomes a non-runner, the bet will be settled on the remaining selections at the starting prices.

Greyhound Racing

The same terms as above apply to bets placed on Greyhound racing. For clarity, betting on a named greyhound that becomes a non-runner will be deemed void. Betting on a trap number which is replaced by a reserve will be settled on the reserve dog.