My horse refused to race - what happens to my bet?

If a horse is shown in the results as ‘RR’, or sometimes ‘LFT’, this means that the horse refused to race when the race started. If a horse comes under starters orders but doesn't race, then any bets on this horse are settled as losers. This applies to stall starts (horse refuses to leave the starting stalls) or tape starts (where the tape is lifted, but the horse doesn't go with the field).

A similar note in results would be "R" which means the horse refused at a jump during the race. Bets would also be losers in this case.

Note: this is not the same as a horse being withdrawn before the start, for instance if it becomes loose before entering the stalls. In this case, it would be withdrawn as a non-runner. If a horse is pulled out of the race before coming under starters orders, this will show as "WD" or "NR" and will be void.