What is Each-Way Betting, and how does it work?

Horse Racing

By placing an each-way bet you are doubling your stake, this is because you are betting on a selection to win, and on a selection to ‘place’.

For the first selection to receive a return, it must finish the event in first place.

The second must ‘place’, meaning it can either win the event or finish in one of the predetermined ‘place’ positions, which will differ from event to event.

So, a £5 each way bet will cost £10 as the bet is made up of £5 win and £5 place bet.

How much does an Each Way bet cost?

Unit Stake Total Cost
50p Each Way £1
£1 Each Way £2
£1.50 Each Way £3
£2 Each Way £4
£2.50 Each Way £5
£3 Each Way £6
£4 Each Way £8
£5 Each Way £10
£10 Each Way £20
£12.50 Each Way £25
£15 Each Way £30
£20 Each Way £40

Unless otherwise advertised, the each-way terms for Horse Racing will be settled as per the standard place terms, as below:

No. of Runners (at the off) Race Type Place Terms
2 - 4 All Races Win Only
5 - 7 All Races 1/4 1st 2
8 - 11 All Races 1/5 1st 3
12 - 15 Handicap 1/4 1st 3
12+ Non Handicap 1/5 1st 3
Handicap 1/4 1st 4

However, we often run enhanced each-way terms on big races that payout on more places. For more information on these races, visit our ‘Promotions Page’.

All bets are settled in accordance with our standard place betting terms and not at the time that the bet is placed.

For example, if your bet had been placed when there were 5 runners, but only 4 horses came under ‘Starters Orders’ then your whole stake will go onto the selected horse to win; instead of the top 2 if the 5th horse had raced.

The each-way terms of a horse racing will be located above the racecard. If you are placing bets via our telephone betting service, you will need to ask the advisor of the each-way terms of the race. Please be aware that bets may be accepted by our staff or systems as each-way when there are 4 runners or less so please check beforehand that your bet is applicable for each-way. Any bets placed as an each-way on a win only event will have the entire stake placed on ‘to win’.

How much will I win?

If your horse comes first, you will be paid both the ‘Win’ and ‘Place’ part of your bet. But if your horse comes 2nd (or 3rd or 4th depending on how many places are paid) then you will receive either 1/4th or 1/5th of the odds for your place stake, depending on the each-way terms of the race.

For example:

  • You have £10 each-way at 20/1 to win the Grand National.
  • Your total stake is £20.
  • The place terms are 1/4 1st 4.
  • If your horse wins, you will win £10 at 20/1 for the ‘Win’ part of the bet (£200, plus your stake = £210).
  • For your place part you will also win £10 at a quarter of 20/1 (1/4 of 20 being 5, so £10 at 5/1 = £50 plus stake = £60).
  • So, in total you will win £270 if the horse wins.

In the above example, if the horse above came 2nd, 3rd or 4th, you only win the place part which would be £60 return.

Other Sports and Events

The each-way terms for other Sports and Events will differ depending on the Sport, the competition and the market. This will be displayed next to the market name.