Football - Scorecasts

A scorecast is a bet on the first/last player to score in a game, alongside a correct score prediction in the same match. You must specify the first or last goal scorer at the time of bet placement, however in the case of a submission without specification the bet will be placed on the first goal scorer.

Own Goals do not count toward this market. For example, if Tottenham win 2-0, with the first being an own goal and the second goal being scored by Dele Alli, then the winning scorecast will be Alli-Tottenham 2-0.

Scorecast prices can be found by selecting the scorecast market within the ‘Match Centre’ of your desired game. You then need to select the team, pick your player and predict the end scoreline.

If your selected player starts the match or comes on as a substitute before the first goal is scored, then he is classed as a runner. If a player is taken off before the first goal is scored, he is deemed to have had the chance to score the first goal and so, in this case, would result in a bet loss.

If your selected player does not take to the field, he will be considered a non-runner for a scorecast bet. This still applies for a first goal scorer (scorecast) bet if the selected player is subbed on after the first goal has already been scored. This will result in a void bet, which would automatically become a single on the previously predicted score, to the full stake value of the scorecast bet.

Scorecasts are not available to bet in-play. They are only accepted before kick-off.