Speedway Rules

If a rider pulls out of a meeting prior to the start, they will be deemed a non runner for all markets. If they are in a Head to Head match bet, the market will be void.

Postponed Events: Any bets on an event not taking place within 72 hours of the scheduled date or taking place at a different venue, at the time the bet was struck, will be declared void.

Outright Championship

Outright Championship bets will be settled on the Official Podium Result after the last race. Season Handicap Result will also be settled at the time of the Final Podium.

Any subsequent disqualifications will not count.

Grand Prix

Outright Winner bets will be settled on the Official Podium Result, regardless of subsequent disqualifications or a reduced meeting. If a meeting is postponed before the start, bets will be carried over, providing there are no changes in riders or the venue.

  • Riders Total Points and Match Ups: All races must take places for bets to stand. Points collated in Semi Finals and Final also count unless specified beforehand.
  • Heat Betting: All four named riders must start the original race for bets to stand.

British Speedway

Where bets are unclear, the Meeting Winner will be deemed the bet above any Handicap.

All 15 Races must take place for bets to stand, unless the result has already been determined.

  • Riders Total Points & Match Ups: The official make-up of the Teams points will be the settlement. Riders Double Points, Substitutions and Heat 15 all count. Paid rides (+1) do not count.
  • Elite League Championship: Bets will be the result of the end of season Play Off, unless specified otherwise.

Swedish/Polish Speedway

Match Betting or Handicap: All heats must be completed for bets to stand.