RTP overview

A RTP percentage is the theoretical measure to inform customers as to how a game will likely perform over time. It represents the game payout percentage compared to stakes made over an extended amount of game rounds.

The RTP is typically tested against a minimum of one million spins or game rounds, so if a game has an RTP of 95%, it generally means that players can expect an average return of £0.95 in the £1.00 (or equivalent currency) over a long period of play and many spins. Since the game results are all random, and independent of each other, it is possible for players to have less than, or more than the theoretical RTP in the short term.

A single 10p spin on a Slot game could return £10, making the single spin 1000% RTP, or it could be a losing spin, making it 0% RTP. The theoretical RTP is an assurance that over time and many spins, the RTP will perform in line with the advertised value.

How does RTP work?

Games tend to perform to their stated RTP over a prolonged period but players should be aware that these percentages are not applied to each play. Wins are awarded randomly so the return to them individually may not reflect the stated RTP. Each individual play has the potential to deliver a return of between zero and the maximum prize level irrespective of past outcomes. 

RTP is calculated per game, not per user; for example another customers win on the game does not affect another customers RTP. For example, if your friend spins a coin and gets 10 heads in a row you still have a 50/50 chance of getting heads or tails. All pays are completely random, and regularly monitored to ensure performance is in line with the theoretical RTP over millions of plays.

Are random games ‘compensated’?

No. The RTP does not affect random games, therefore if there has been a series of losing plays, it doesn’t mean that a series of winning plays will follow. Players should be aware that one bet doesn’t affect another, so should only stake what they can afford.

Each game has different characteristics and feature sets and all behave slightly differently.

Where do I find the RTP?

You can find the RTP in the help file, or game rules of each game. Look out for a cog, or '?' icon in each game.

Last modification date: 2/1/2021