Slots Tournaments

Our Slots Tournaments are a new way to play on our Slots at Coral Gaming.

You can visit the Slots Homepage Here.

Slots Tournaments are a free to play game where you can participate in a tournament to collect points that in turn can earn rewards such as bonuses, free spins or cash. For full details of the rewards available, please visit the Slots Tournament home page.

How can I participate?

To be able to participate in the Slots Tournaments, you will need to opt in using the 'Opt in for Free' button. You can opt in from 00:00 on the day of the Slots Tournament until 10 minutes before the end of the Tournament Duration. Once the Slots Tournament is available, simply click 'Play Here' to be taken into the free play mode for the tournament.

How do I earn Points?

For the Slots Tournament, you will be allocated 30 'Tournament Spins' to use in the 'Free Play Mode' before the end of the Slots Tournament. You will use these Tournament Spins to earn points based on the result of that spin.

You will earn points in three ways, from a Tournament Spin that lands in a win, three Tournament Spins in a row which all result in a loss or by a Tournament Spin which results in a win 10x the bet unit. (Each spin will have a non-monetary value of £1.00, any winnings shown also have a non-monetary value.)

If the outcome of a Tournament Spin qualifies for more than one set of points, you will be awarded for the outcome with the highest value of points. For example, if you win in a bonus round and the value is 10x the bet unit, you will get 500 points. Please note that you will not receive an additional 10 points for the Tournament Spin that resulted in a win.

The points you earn will determine your place on the Leader Board, you will be awarded a reward based on your position in the Leader Board.


Why is my real balance not showing?

The balance shown in the Slots Tournament does not reflect your actual balance. When you are in the Free Play Tournament mode, you will see this shown by a red bar at the top of the game, and the 'tournament widget' in the top left. Any funds in your balance will not be affected, and you can view your actual balance at any time by returning to home - or clicking 'Play for real' in the top left which will take you to the game's real play mode. Please note entering real play will cause you to play for cash - your tournament spins cannot be cashed out.

Why are wins not credited?

Whilst in tournament mode, any wins will help you to earn points. A big win shown while in tournament mode cannot be redeemed or claimed for its cash value.

Why are my points not updating?

Scores are calculated in near real time, automatically. Please note there may be a slight delay in the awarding of points, which will not affect your final leader board position.

How do I opt in? Can I opt in when the tournament is in progress?

You can opt in from 00:00 on the day of the tournament, by visiting the tournament page and clicking 'Opt in for Free'. You can opt in up until 5 minutes before the end of the tournament.

How often do my points refresh? What do I do if they don't refresh?

Points refresh within a few seconds of being earnt, and your leaderboard position updates every 30 seconds. Points are tracked by our server, automatically, and even in the event of delays, rest assured that your final score will be calculated correctly.

Can I leave and re-enter the tournament?

Yes, so long as you have Tournament Spins remaining, and the Slots Tournament is still running. Any remaining Tournament Spins will display on the Slots Tournament homepage, or on the Slots Tournament widget when you are in the Slots Tournament game. Simply visit the Slots Tournament homepage, launch the tournaments you did before and play from where you left off.

What happens if I use all of my Tournament Spins before the time is up?

If you use all of your Tournament Spins, you can choose to either 'Play for real' and use your account balance in the same game the Slots Tournament ran on, or you can return to our Lobby to browse more of our great games and products. All customers participating in the Slots Tournament will be limited to 30 Tournament spins.

What happens if the Slots Tournament ends and I still have spins left?

Any tournament spin balance that goes unused will be forfeited, however, any score accumulated from spins already made will still enter you into the leader board.

When are rewards received?

If you are eligible for a reward based on your position on the leader board, you will be credited once the Slots Tournament has ended.

Where can I find my prize?

If you are a winner, you will receive a pop-up at the end of the Slot Tournament giving full details and the value of the reward. Cash prizes will be automatically added to your account balance.

How can I check my current and previous results?

You can find these on the Slots Tournament homepage by clicking on 'See your Results'. You can see the most recent results or search by timeframe. Click on the arrow next to your points to find more information about that particular Slots Tournament.

What to do if I experience a technical issue with the game?

Please try clearing your device's cache and cookies, and re-launch the game. Please see here for further assistance with Technical Issues.