Random Number Generator

The outcome of each individual game played online is produced by our Random Number Generator (RNG), which has been independently audited for fairness in line with the strictest of industry regulations.

Each and every game outcome is completely independent. Your odds of getting any particular outcome are always the same. The odds do not vary based on your prior outcomes, your bets, your budget, time of day, day of week, etc. For example, if you win the top jackpot, your chances of winning it on the next play are exactly the same. Likewise, prior losses do not change your future odds.

The expected payback reflects the theoretical return across a very large number of plays by numerous players over an extended period of time. The results for any given player over a play session can vary widely from the long-term expected average in either direction. The fewer the number of games played, the wider the normal variance of actual payback you may experience. The expected payback is also based upon correct player choices for any games which involve main game and/or bonus game play strategy.

We have an article on Game Fairness, here, which covers matters related to this subject.