All online products operated by Coral are either developed and built in-house or supplied by companies that are licensed and regulated by the different regulatory bodies in the countries that we operate in.

Game outcomes on Coral Casino, Bingo and Poker are generated by Random Number Generators (RNGs). In compliance with applicable regulation, all our games and the RNG’s that power the games have been rigorously tested by external regulator approved testing houses prior to going live.

Testing is performed in accordance with the technical standards that are recognised by highly regulated remote gambling jurisdictions around the world such as Great Britain and Gibraltar and includes a review of the RNG design and source code, as well as an extensive data analysis to verify the randomness and fairness of its output. These tests will certify that the RNG distributes numbers with sufficient non-predictability, fair distribution, and lack of bias to particular outcomes.

All technical systems and products operated by Coral have undergone comprehensive testing prior to being launched; this includes External Compliance Testing and Internal Testing conducted by our in-house teams.

The External Compliance Testing is performed by an approved third-party testing house, which examines elements such as randomness, scaling and mapping via mathematical calculations and verifications, source code analysis and game play to assess that the games operate in accordance with the game rules and pay-outs.

Coral also performs Internal Testing in line with the good practice guidelines for development, testing and release control of gambling products and systems. This ensures that games, once integrated into our gaming platform, perform as expected in terms of user experience, display functions and adherence to the game rules.

The Theoretical Return to Player (RTP%) value is a theoretical calculation of the average / expected percentage return of the total money bet over a vast number of game plays (e.g., hundreds of millions of games).

While you can win a big amount or lose your bet in any single game play, the average return of a specific game played over a long period of time will approach the Theoretical RTP value.

This theoretical value is calculated either via analytical methods (which often is possible for non-strategy dependent games such as slots), or via computer simulations of those more complex or strategy dependent games (e.g., blackjack, poker etc.).

For more information about the RTP% and fairness of specific games, please visit the information section of each game.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be sure that your games are fair and random?

Coral is a well-established, trusted and leading brand with a strong customer focus. We are licensed and regulated in Great Britain and Gibraltar, home to the world's leading online gambling operators and world leaders in remote gambling regulation. We are wholly committed to providing verifiably fair gambling.

All our games meet the strict regulatory standards set by our regulators, the Gambling Commission (Great Britain) and the Gibraltar Gambling Commission, including the requirement to have all our games rigorously tested and certified as fair and random by an independent test house before we can make these games available to play.

For more information about our technical regulatory requirements, please see:



What is a ‘Random Number Generator' (‘RNG'), and what is the relevance of this to the games Coral offer on our site?

A ‘Random Number Generator', or ‘RNG', is software that generates a sequence of numbers or symbols that lack any pattern over an extended number (millions) of plays. It is the component of the games that produces the random outcomes of our games.

How can I be sure that the ‘RNG' is indeed random and fair?

All ‘RNGs' that power our game’s output have been rigorously tested and certified as random and fair by independent approved testing houses that meet the highest testing standards set by the Gambling Commission (Great Britain) and the Gibraltar Gambling Commission.

The testing of games and technical software is a licensing condition that licensed operators must meet before its release. Failure to do so could carry hefty fines and the suspension of the licence. We would like to assure our customers that Coral would do nothing that could jeopardize our licence, as without a licence we would not have a business.

What does ‘Return to Player' (‘RTP') mean?

Each game has a ‘Theoretical RTP' value, and an ‘Actual RTP' value.

The ‘Theoretical RTP' is the expected return of the total money bet over an extended number (millions) of plays on the game and expressed as a percentage. Therefore, games with a theoretical RTP value of 98% indicates that 98% of the total money bet on the game is returned to players.

The ‘Actual RTP' is determined by way of periodic analysis of the game outcomes, also expressed as a percentage, to ensure that this remains close to the ‘Theoretical RTP' and an indicator that the game continues to function randomly and fairly.

Analysis to ensure that the ‘Actual RTP's' of the games remain close to the ‘Theoretical RTPs' of games are carried out periodically by our in-house testing team.

The RTP for the game is not true, I have not received the percentage return that is published for the game

RTP% is the measure of the total play by all the players who have played a game, pooled together. It is not the play or return to any one single player.

It is the nature of gambling that some people will win and have an RTP in excess of 100% and some will lose and have an RTP of less than 100%. For example, a player who wins £500 from £10 stakes has an RTP of 5000%. Players must be mindful that if some players have an RTP of 5000%, this will obviously mean that other players will have an RTP lower than the advertised average.

How can I access details of the games I have played?

You are able to access your Game History by clicking on ‘My Account' from the homepage. Once there you will need to scroll down the page in order to get to ‘Transaction History'. One of the options within the dropdown menu within this section allows you to select ‘All Gaming History'. This will allow you to look for your Gaming History and their results. You are able to search using a pre-set time period or specific date.

How can I be sure that ‘live gaming' is fair?

'Live gaming' takes place in strictly controlled studios, is fully recorded and monitored and is subject to statistical performance checking in the same way that software ‘RNG' gaming is checked.

Live dealers can indeed make mistakes in their handling of cards, spinning of a wheel, etc., but these errors should be immediately apparent to all the players and the supervisor and can be checked.

For any issues, customers should contact the Live Casino ‘Pit Boss' using the chat function on Live games, or Customer Services by Live Chat, email or telephone and can report any issues they feel have not been resolved correctly. Customers should make a note of the game ID to ensure that Customer Services can respond quickly and efficiently.