How to claim winnings whilst shops are closed

I placed a winning bet in a Coral shop which has now closed due to the Coronavirus. Can I get my money before it re-opens?

Yes, we have put a process in place for our retail customers to do this for bets with a return of £10 or more.


Simply email us at with the following details:

  • A clear image of your winning bet receipt
  • Your name and contact details (email and telephone number)
  • The bet number;
    • For bets placed over the counter, this is a 12-digit number at the bottom of the receipt, just above the barcode
    • For bets placed on a Self-Service Betting terminal, it’s a 14-digit number in the top left of the receipt, starting with a letter ‘B’ or ‘V’
    • For bets placed on one of our Gaming Machines, this is an 18-digit number that sits just above the barcode
  • Your Connect username (if you have one)


If we need more information about your bet, we’ll contact you by telephone or email. Once we have verified the total returns from your bet(s), we’ll contact you with the next steps around payment.


I’ve got several small winning shop bets that together return more than £10. Can I still collect my winnings?

Yes. Please follow the same process above, attaching an image of each winning receipt to your email.

For any individual bets with a return of less than £10, please hold on to your receipt and claim it in any Coral shop as soon as we’re able to re-open.


I’m unable to attach an image of the receipt (lost / illegible etc) to my email. Can I still claim my winnings in this way?

Yes. In addition to your name and contact details, please provide us with an much information as you can about the winning bet in your email to including your stake, the bet type, your selections, the shop you placed it in, the date and time. We’ll then do our best to find it. In this instance, please also attach a form of photo ID (Driving License or Passport) to your email. Without this, we will be unable to proceed.


How will I receive my winnings from a bet that I placed in a shop that is currently closed?

There are a few options for receiving payment of your winning bet(s);


  1. Sign up to an online account which will allow us to transfer the funds to your balance.


    New online accounts are subject to age and address verification checks, meaning you may be asked to provide photo ID and proof of address before you can access your account and withdraw funds.


    Before we can credit your account you will be asked to assign a debit card and to make a deposit of at least £5 so we can validate your method of payment. You’ll then be able to transfer the winnings from your account to your debit card. There is no obligation to gamble with your £5 deposit and you’ll be able to withdraw it back to your card.


  2. BACs payment. For this method we will contact you by telephone (using the number you provided in your email to our Customer Care Team) to obtain your bank details (sort code, account number and address of your bank). Please do not send this information to us by email. If opting for a BACs payment, we’ll typically credit your account within 5 - 7 days.


  3. Alternatively, we’ll keep your returns safe, ready for you to collect in any Coral shop as soon as it’s safe for us to re-open.


We will follow all payments up with a confirmation email.  


I’m an existing Connect customer but never used my card to place my winning bet in shop. Can my returns be credited to my account?

Yes. This is another option for payment. If you are an existing account holder, please include your username in the email you send to As soon as we have verified the total returns from your bet(s), we’ll look to credit your account within 48 hours.


I don’t have access to email. Can I still claim my winning bet that I placed in shop?

Unfortunately, without seeing an image of the bet we can’t issue payment. If you are unable to use someone else’s email account to follow this process, please hold on to your winning receipt and claim it in any one of our shops as soon as we are able to re-open.


I have got a question about a bet I placed on an event that’s now been cancelled or postponed. Who do I contact?

Feel free to contact our Retail Customer Care Team: 0800 169 0299

Alternatively, you can review all of our rules at