When it comes to your bingo account, there are a number of terms you may not be familiar with. To make things easier, we have broken them down in the table below.


Term Meaning
Abusive Strategy Any fraudulent attempt to take advantage of promotional or bonus terms.
Account Your Coral Poker account
Bonus Balance The amount of funds held in the wallet labelled “Bonus” where the bonus funds are held until all of the requirements for completion of the bonus or reward have been fulfilled.
Cash Balance The amount of money held in the wallet labelled “Cash”. Any money that you deposit into your Account and all winnings from bets placed or games entered using your own money will be held in your Cash Balance.
Cash Game A table where you play with your own cash.
Cash Table Tickets Tickets which may be used in part or in full at cash tables, these have wagering requirements to release the cash value.
Collusion Any attempt at ‘teamplay’ in order to gain an unfair advantage by sharing card information or manipulating betting patterns.
Excluded Games The games that are excluded from being used towards the bonus or reward. Any bets placed on Excluded Games will not contribute towards any applicable Wagering Requirements for the relevant bonus or reward.
Freeroll A Tournament which has no cash buy-in.
General Website Terms and Conditions The terms and conditions available here. The General Website Terms and Conditions will always apply to your reward or bonus.
Generic Tournament Tickets Tickets which can be used to play any Tournament of that tickets value, an alternative to cash buy-in.
Golden Chip A casino chip which allows you to play table and card casino games without using your own money.
Mission A task or series of tasks which award a prize.
MTT Multi Table Tournament, which allow higher player numbers to enter. Begins on a specific date and time.
Multiple Accounts Multiple accounts are not permitted, only one active account per customer.
Pending Winnings The amount of funds held in the wallet labelled “Pending Winnings”. This will include any winnings made from bets placed with your bonus funds or rewards. These funds will only move to your Cash Balance once the Wagering Requirements applicable to the bonus or rewards have been met.
Poker Points Points earned as rake and fees are paid. Points may be used for poker buy-ins or converted to cash via loyalty scheme.
Poker Software Download software or Mobile app used to play poker.
Promotional Period The period for which the reward or bonus will be available before expiring and therefore being withdrawn from your Account. Any applicable Wagering Requirements must be completed within the Promotional Period.
Promotional Terms & Conditions The terms and conditions which are specific to the reward or bonus. Each reward or bonus will have its own specific Promotional Terms & Conditions.
Side Games Casino games which are accessed through the Poker Software. Either from the poker lobby or directly from a table.
SNG Sit and Go Tournament, with a set number of players. Begins when the Tournament is fully seated. Also known as STT (Single Table Tournament).
Specific Tournament Tickets Tickets which can be used to play a specific named Tournament, an alternative to cash buy-in.
Wagering Requirements The total value of wagering you will need to place on qualifying games within the Promotional Period to be allowed to withdraw any winnings sitting in your Bonus Balance and/or Pending Winnings.