Tracking the progress of a shop bet

Using the Coral Bet Tracker, you can see the progress of your retail bet, and choose whether or not to cash out (where available).

If you're a Connect customer, you can also log in to your account and Cash Out through the Coral Sportsbook.

If you're unable to access the Cash Out site, a limited in-shop option is available. Simply present your bet slip to any member of staff at selected times and they can check your Cash Out options for you. To avoid the counter getting crowded, please note that in shop Cash Out is available at half time and full time of matches only. During really busy periods, priority will be given to customers wishing to place a bet over those wanting to check a Cash Out offer.

All bets stand whether you were able to Cash Out or not, so please don't place a bet with the sole intention of Cashing Out, as availability is never guaranteed.

Coral reserve the right to amend, suspend or remove Cash Out My Bet availability at any time on any market or to any customer.


1. Cash Out My Bet ("Cash Out") is a facility that allows You to settle Coral shop bets for a specified value before an event has finished.

2. These Cash Out Terms & Conditions must be read in conjunction with Coral Shop Terms & Conditions, the Coral General Sporting and Betting Rules- Shop and Coral Connect Terms & Conditions. The Cash Out Terms will prevail in respect of Cash Out matters in the event of any inconsistencies with these and any associated rules and terms.

3. Cash Out is available in all Coral shops on selected betting coupons as marked. A receipt will be provided upon bet placement including a Cash Out code.

4. You should not place bets with the sole intention to Cash Out, as availability is never guaranteed.

5. You may check available Cash Out options, and request Cash Out using the following methods:

At a Coral shop by providing Your bet receipt.
The Cash Out Site at by entering Your Cash Out Code.
Logging in to where a Multi-Channel Coral Connect Account has been used to place the original bet.
6. Cash Out offers consider the following factors:- selection, prices taken, current bet and event status.

7. Cash Out offers will not be available prior to the start of the first event in any accumulator or the start of individual selections.

8. A Cash Out offer is subject to a time delay; price changes or market suspensions during this time may result in a new Cash Out offer being made, or in the suspension or removal of the Cash Out offer on that selection or market at that time.

9. Bets are subject to a maximum Cash Out offer of £50,000. All Cash Out offers are inclusive of the original unit stake.

10. Customers accept sole responsibility for ensuring that Cash Out instructions are correct.

11. Cash Out offers are non-negotiable and Cash Out acceptance is final.

12. Once a successful Cash Out is processed, the bet is settled immediately and deemed final. No further event outcome will contribute to that bet.

13. Bets that qualify for bonuses or enhancements will not have the bonus or enhancement applied in addition to the Cash Out offer.

14. Bets where a free bet has been used as part or full payment are not eligible to Cash Out.

15. All selections within bets on a coupon must be completed before any associated returns may be collected.

16. Returns may be collected from a Coral shop. Returns for cashed out bets placed using a Coral Connect Account will be returned to that account in accordance with the Coral Connect Terms & Conditions.

17. Your bet receipt and Cash Out code must be kept secure at all times. We will not be liable if You deliberately or accidently disclose Your bet receipt or Cash Out code to any other person. Any Cash Out requested by another person will be considered valid whether this was with or without Your permission.

18. In the event of an error in Our pricing, the affected selection/s may not be cashed out. If a Cash Out has been accepted by Us in error, then the Cash Out transaction will be made void and the original bet will be settled on the final result with the correct prices applied to the bet.

19. Where an error results in an incorrect amount being offered that is subsequently cashed out, then the Cash Out transaction will be made void and the original bet will be settled on the final result with the correct prices applied to the bet.

20. If further attempts are made to place bets or Cash Out on markets that are affected by an error before the error is corrected, then We reserve the right at our sole discretion to void the cashed out amount and the original stakes.

21. Where We have reason to believe that Cash Out has been carried out after the outcome of an event is known, We reserve the right at our sole discretion to void the cash out amount and the original stakes or void the Cash Out transaction and settle the original bet on the final result with the correct prices applied to the bet.

22. In the unlikely event of any disagreement regarding Cash Out, We will refer to Our records of the transaction and base Our subsequent decision on this information.

23. We reserve the right to prevent customers from cashing out any bets placed with a Coral Connect Account if that account is inactive for any reason.

24. We reserve the right to restrict access to Cash Out where Customers attempt to use the facility from particular jurisdictions. Further information can be obtained from Our Customer Care Team. You are responsible for complying with Your applicable local or national laws at the time of any Cash Out performed remotely using the Cash Out Site or

25. We will aim to ensure that the Cash Out facility is available at all times. However, We provide no guarantee, and shall not be liable for any losses accrued as a result of any unavailability of the facility (including but not limited to any technical issues). All bets will stand regardless of the availability of the Cash Out facility.

26. We accept no responsibility for any customer inability to Cash Out at a Coral shop for any reason (including but not limited to where Coral shop staff are serving other customers).

27. When You access the facility using the Cash Out Site or You should be aware that You may be using equipment or a connection which is not as fast as that used by other Customers. This may have an impact on Your performance in time critical events.

28. Information regarding any device or Internet address used to access the Cash Out facility may be stored by Us in accordance with Our Coral shop Privacy Policy.

29. We reserve the right to amend, suspend or remove Cash Out My Bet availability at any time on any market and for any customer.

30. Further terms and conditions regarding Your use of the Cash Out Site may be viewed at