Jackpots and Prizes

Online bingo offers a multitude of prizes, including high value prizes in the form of guaranteed jackpots and progressive jackpots.

In most guaranteed jackpot games, you can increase your chances by buying the maximum amount of tickets. A guaranteed special prize such as cash, free tickets/bonus funds or a physical prize is awarded when a winning pattern is matched. However, while the jackpots are guaranteed, the prizes aren’t nearly as big as those available in progressive jackpot games.

With progressive jackpots, a portion of the players’ ticket costs will be added to the progressive pool which is displayed in the game room. The more players who join, the larger the prize. The jackpot will be won if the game’s final bingo prize is hit within a specific number of calls. The first player to win the jackpot will accrue the entire sum. If two or more players win the jackpot at the same time, the prize will be shared equally between the winners.

Some games offer a consolation prize to tickets that were close to completing a winning pattern when the game was won. In this case where a small portion of the prize fund will be allocated to a separate consolation prize pot.